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About Achieving Greatness

Hello and welcome to the Achieving Greatness Website,

When I started Achieving Greatness almost 20 years ago I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted it to be and over the years it has evolved into multiple business strands all with the same goal - to give people the tools and techniques to improve their lives. There are 3 main areas of the business:

  • Achieving Greatness - This is the software consultancy arm of the business building tools and systems for the individual and working with mental health professionals who want to build software for their practice, their patients or for general release. I have developed a number of solutions on both the Android and Apple platforms and you can find more about that on the product page of this website.

  • NLP4UOnline - I've had a fascination with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for over 20 years. I've been on numerous training courses, run my own training business and even run my own therapy practice. NLP4UOnline collates much of my NLP experience into resources that are available for free to anyone interested in learning about or using the tools and techniques of NLP.

  • Hypnosis4UOnline - I spent a great many years operating a Clinical Hypnosis practice and during that time I generated an enormous amount of Hypnosis dialogues many of which I have converted into Hypnotherapy sessions that you can download. I regularly release a version of each of these for free on my YouTube channel, but I know that some people prefer a different approach so on the site you will find multiple variations for each of the Hypnotherapy topics. There is also a request mechanism should you wish a one-to-one session or there is a particular topic you would like covered.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me to discuss mutual opportunities please use the contact form.

Regards, Lee Avery.