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Coaches Toolbox

Looking for an easy way to assess your clients and patients across a number of psychological and personality based evaluations? The Coaches Toolbox is a collection of over 20 assessments that can give quick and easy feedback across a range of measurements.

Being able to motivate our clients and to understand how they tick is an important asset for the professional coach and Personality Assessment is a vital tool in assisting in this process. Unfortunately the 'right' assessment is very hard to find, and what works well for one client may not work as well for the next.

There are also those times when a full on assessment isn't going to help and a quick review of where a client is mentally can make all the difference between an adequate and outstanding coaching session.

The Coaches Toolbox (CTB) offers over 15 different assessments covering Personality and Behaviour. It can be used by coaches, counsellors and therapists to monitor and manage the states of their clients and to accurately measure the effectiveness of the change work they undertake.

Assessments - Measuring Results

Corporate Coaches are regularly questioned as to the measurable benefits of their services and being able to produce evidence to the changes in attitude, beliefs and behaviours of a client is something IMG 0311tangible that business can get behind. Therapists and counsellors are less beholden to this kind of measuring stick, however being able to see real results can be a powerful tool when working with patients and can be a significant differentiator in a crowded market.

At its core CTB is a testing and measuring application that allows the professional to measure and manage their effectiveness with their clients, with over 15 different assessments each designed to cover a different area of personality and behaviour.

More Than Just Numbers

IMG 0307Our clients are complex and often there is more to our interactions with them than just the session in progress, often our clients will want to set long term goals, or we may need to manage client specific to do items, or private notes that we want to refer to later. CTB is more than just an assessment tool as it allows you to capture notes, goals and todo items specific for each client, and better manage your client experience.