EMDR Helper

EMDR Helper is a tablet and phone application designed to support the professional therapist in using EMDR to support their patients. This highly customisable tool can be used to easily manage an EMDR session and for both adults and children.


EMDR has become one of the most effective procedures available to Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists in the treatment and support of PTSD. In the UK the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) lists EMDR as one of the recommended approaches for use when attempting to resolve a number of psychological issues.

EMDR Helper has been designed and developed to allow you to easily and effectively conduct a typical EMDR session with your client without the need of additional equipment and with full control over what your patient experiences.

Unlimited Options

There are numerous EMDR hardware and software solutions but none have the same level of flexibility and simplicity as EMDR Helper. With our solution you have the ability to offer your patients a selection of 'safe' start and end images, along with beautiful backgrounds. Should they be a distraction then a simple colored pointer on a plain background can be selected.

For the younger patient there are a number of child friendly images that will keep them focused and entertained whilst you undertake the EMDR session.

Not only is EMDR Helper visually flexible it has many different auditory options with over 30 different possibilities for bi-lateral visualisation.

Multiple Patterns


In addition to the standard left-right visual pattern EMDR Helper contains 5 additional patterns: Diamond, ZigZag, Oval, Figure-8 and Sinewave. If no visual pattern is required (for an audio-only session) no pattern can be selected and the system will offer a blank screen.

Multiple Speeds

Selecting a pattern is just one of the options available for modifying an EMDR Session, the application allows the therapist to set a number of pointer speeds from 10-80 cycles per minute. These increments allow easy calibration of the session and can be changed within a session by a simple 2-finger swipe up (for faster) or down (for slower).

Multiple Sizes

Session pointers can be one of 3 sizes and are proportionate in relation to the size of the device being used (smaller devices produce smaller pointers). The size option is applicable to both colored and image based pointers.

Colors, Images and Backgrounds


EMDR Clients may well have issues with certain colors or images and having a session that is as relaxing and non-threatening as possible is vital for the success of the intervention with this in mind EMDR Helper allows the therapist to select various color schemes, start and end session images, backgrounds and pointer images to allow the session to be effective.

With an ever-growing selection of pointers and backgrounds there will always be something for any client, and for those wishing the simplest of approaches there is a built in library of over 30 colors which can be used for either background or foreground giving more than 900 different color schemes available.

Audio Options

Just as each client can find colors and images distressing they may have a preference over the audio effects and for some clients an audio component can be a unhelpful to the therapy process. Not only does EMDR Helper offer the ability to turn audio off but the therapist can change the position of the audio in relation to the pointer movement with the option to be sychronised, opposed and always. There are also a selection of sounds available to ensure that the client gets just the right session just for them.

Keeping it all for later

The flexibility of EMDR Helper is key but there is no point in having all of these options if they have to be configured each time! EMDR Helper allows you to create custom sessions and save them for the later use which is ideal for your clients as you can create a unique session, name it for them and run it whenever you wish, making any amendments as you go.

Ease of Use

There's no point in having lots of options if you can't actually use them and EMDR Helper has been developed to ensure that the settings for each pattern can be easily changed with the press of a button and saved for later sessions. 

Session logs are maintained and can be reviewed for each pattern. This gives you to ability to create a unique pattern for each of your clients and then have a complete record of their sessions built in to the system.

EMDR Helper allows you to give your patients the best possible treatment without having to wave a finger or a pen in front of their face on a form factor that is both familiar and unthreatenin