PHQ-9 Log

Do you have depression and want to monitor you progress? Or do you think you might have depression? The PHQ-9 Log will give you an insight into your level of depression symptoms.
Depression is one of the many hidden disabilities that can seriously impact our daily lives and managing its treatment can be difficult. Knowing what's working and what isn't means monitoring symptoms as they come and go and the Patient Health Questionnaire 9 is used the world over to monitor depression.
The PHQ-9 is a 9 question assessment used in primary care to identify whether a patient has depression and if so what the severity is likely to be. The results of the PHQ-9 are often used to make a depression diagnosis and takes less than 3 minutes to complete.
PHQ-9 Log allows you to take the assessment at regular intervals, recording the current level of depression over time. Its simple to use approach means anyone can use the questionnaire and get instant feedback and also see how their depression symptoms responds to treatment.
The App is available for both iPhoneOS and Android and can be found in the appropriate app stores.