About Us


My name is Lee Avery and I created Achieving Greatness over 10 years ago as a way of delivering high quality personal development tools to anyone who wanted it. Over time this evolved into developing and delivering tools for better mental health and with the boom in mobile applications over the last few years more and more people can have direct access to life changeing approaches.

I have a firm belief that people fail to achieve what they say they want in life for one of two reasons; either they don't want to (lack of motivation) or they don't know how to (lack of capability).

I am also aware that there is nothing that can help people with the lack of motivation, either they want to change or they don't and no amount of cajoling, threatening, carrots or sticks will make them become motivated.

However, when we decide to change very often we don't succeed because of the lack of capability; we don't know the HOW. Without the right tools, no matter how motivated you are you won't succeed.

Achieving Greatness is designed to deliver on the How to give you the tools and techniques to make the positive changes you want in your life in easy to access ways, whether on your smartphone or tablet, at home, at work, at play.


Why Free?

I get this question a lot (often from my wife) as to why I give these tools away. I originally charged for my apps, but I realised that people would balk (even at $1/£1) at paying for this software, which is a shame, but a reality. My purpose isn't to make money (although I still need to pay the bills) but to make a positive difference in the world, to do this I need to get these tools into the hands of the many, not just those who are willing to pay.

So, all of my apps became free to use and I rely on donations to keep my business afloat.



To pay for them I ask that if you find value in them, and want them to continue then please make a donation...the link is on my website.