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Professional Solutions

The job of the mental health professional is to support and assist their clients by delivering the best level of service possible. Although computers and technology can make things easier very often they get in the way of the doctor/patient relationship and cause more consternation than calm.

At Achieving Greatness we believe that technology should give the healthcare professional easy access to simple and effective tools that can improve the connection between them and the client. We understand that nothing is more important than helping the patient and our solutions have been designed to be used to augment the capability of the professional.

Software Solutions

Our series of Helper Tools have been developed to be used by healthcare professionals in the execution of their therapies and are not intended to replace the skill and experience of the trained professional.

We develop our applications for tablets and smartphones to ensure that they are as portable as possible and are in easy reach just when they are needed. The ubiquity of these devices and their ease of use make them familiar to both therapist and patient and so their use falls in to the background and so never gets in the way of the therapeutic conversation.

EMDR, CBM and other approaches require training and understanding of mental processes to be effective treatment options and our tools are there to support those skills not supplant them.

Technology Consulting

Sometimes an off the shelf solution just won't do and you need something to meet a specific need or you are developing a new treatment methodology and want a technology tool to support the process. In these cases our technology consulting services can help you leverage computing resources to deliver what you need.

We can work with you to identify the best technological approach for your solution, build technical and procedural specifications and help you with the implementation of solutions within your practice.

Our bespoke application development service will allow you to have a professionally produced mobile solution which you can then use to deliver the highest quality of therapy to your clients.